Bank Rush

“Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.”

– Neil McCauley, Heat

Gather a crew and run a marathon of ripping out safes in the city. Grab as much gold bars as possible, then turn tail and run. In a nutshell this is a cooperative game with limited communication, called Rob’n Run.

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Bones & Stones

I sometimes get games that make such a good impression on me, that I feel urge to praise them with exaggeration. Unearth – the game which motto is “recover, rebuild, remember” is one of those games.

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Puzzle runes

I used to be skeptical about using mobile devices application in board games. However, gradually getting to know more and more interesting ways of using them, I began warm up to them. This time I had the opportunity to play the next game in which this solution was used – Rising 5: Runes of Asteros

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Wushu bidding

The reception of various board games can vary in different people’s eyes. It is very subjective and brings up many different feelings related to the aesthetic values and sense of them being enclosed in games. What basically defines them as a works of art. Until now, categorizing board games as a field of art was not so obvious to me. Crossroads of Heroes dispersed the mist that veiled my full awareness of this fact.

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Utopian puppeteers

I got to know a lot of games, where one player is lurking hidden on the board, facing the others who hunt him. I didn’t think that any variation on this mechanic would be able to amaze me in any particular way, but Tabletop Pathologic proved me wrong.

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Endangered exploitation

In the silence of the space, an asteroid runs around one of the many slowly fading stars. Small, insignificant beings from a distant planet called it the Amelia’s Jewel. The most greedy of these creatures have decided to exploit its resources. Together, they caged this irregular gem with a web of drilling stations and satellites as grotesque ornaments. Now the time has come for you. Become a gear wheel in a well oiled corporate machine and bring your overlords the biggest profit in this exploitation race – Darkrock Ventures.

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Second awakening

After the warmth of the season, Ascended enters the stage again, along with winter scenery and mutants fighting each other. This time I will present you the second edition of this adventure game, which really surprised me.

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A hundred years of Brahma

Born from a lotus flower grown on the lake placed in the navel of sleeping Vishnu, Brahma, the great creator, wakes up, and each of his four heads embraces space around to make brand new world. Take the role of one of the elements that will influence the shape of the universe in Space Editor.

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Pew! Pew! You died

Summer’s in the air, people are having barbecues in bigger groups. It’s a sign that time has come for lighter games for larger playgroups, which means werewolf-like genre. In this case we will shoot each other  with awesome ray guns in social deduction game Leaders of Euphoria.

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The Witches of Wickersby

„You’ll believe in more than that before I’ve finished with you”

– Wicked Witch of the West

Be the best of the worst witches, living near the village of Wickersby. Where, along with the other five pretenders for the title, you will fulfill yourself by using villagers and pulling the rug from under the other competitors’ feet in the race for it.

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