Army of dice

Classic games like chess are timeless. It is not that common for me to come across a board game that makes an impression similar to those classics, but this time I found the title perfectly fitting the elegance of its design within this type of games. A dice game without any random factor – DiceWar: Light of Dragons

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Bones & Stones

I sometimes get games that make such a good impression on me, that I feel urge to praise them with exaggeration. Unearth – the game which motto is “recover, rebuild, remember” is one of those games.

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Tower of dice


A sophisticated, lazy (as you don’t even have to move it) version of a dice cup – that’s the way I would define the dice tower. Going by the wiki definition though “it’s an object used by players to throw dice fairly. The dice fall from the top of the tower and bounce off various platforms inside, until they reappear in front. The purpose of the tower is to eliminate some forms of cheating used when throwing dice by hand. There are many forms of towers differing in assembly and construction”.

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