Clock is running

Have you ever thought about making a clock that could remind you what turn is it? Or a comfy marker you could use to keep track of turn sequence? Today, after larger holiday break lets occupy our hands with something useful for our hobby

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Tower of dice


A sophisticated, lazy (as you don’t even have to move it) version of a dice cup – that’s the way I would define the dice tower. Going by the wiki definition though “it’s an object used by players to throw dice fairly. The dice fall from the top of the tower and bounce off various platforms inside, until they reappear in front. The purpose of the tower is to eliminate some forms of cheating used when throwing dice by hand. There are many forms of towers differing in assembly and construction”.

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Crafting after hours


Are you feeling lonely? Has your better half left the Town for the weekend? Or maybe you have some free time on your hands and wish to occupy them with something? If the answer is “Yes, but how do I start on the path to handcraft glory?” you’re in the right place.

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