Grinding Cthulhu

Arkham Horror, one of my favorite coop games. Where narrowness and claustrophobic feeling are crushing you, and multitude of things you and your fellow investigators need to do will put your group through the hoops. Today I want to introduce you to my idea on how to add some continuity to the game, at same time this is my first article in new segment of my blog: “House rules”, where I will be showing you my own or found in vast depths of the internet interesting, unofficial rules for board games.

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Strategy of prosperity

It is the first time when I have an opportunity to write a review of expansion for a game that I have not played yet, although this expansion can be played by itself as a standalone game.  This time I’m inviting you to read my review of Stratos: Light in the Darkness – strategy game from Canada.

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Tabletop MOBA

Do you love League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm or DOTA2? Or maybe you are a fan of some other MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, and wonder if there is someone who tried to bring this game genre to boardgaming?

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Poke the Penguin

Do you remember when as a child you played with Roly-poly? Where no matter how poked, punched or thrown it was, it always got back on its feet because of moved center of gravity. Thanks to Brian Gomez’s idea of using it in board game, I was able to bring back childhood memories of playing with it.

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Clock is running

Have you ever thought about making a clock that could remind you what turn is it? Or a comfy marker you could use to keep track of turn sequence? Today, after larger holiday break lets occupy our hands with something useful for our hobby

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Call to ascension

You wake up. You see white snow spreading all the way to the distant horizon. The unfamiliar world seems covered to be in a shroud of silence. You don’t know who or what you are. Yet you feel mysterious wildness inside you, a calling that you must follow. Time to start your journey!

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Tower of dice


A sophisticated, lazy (as you don’t even have to move it) version of a dice cup – that’s the way I would define the dice tower. Going by the wiki definition though “it’s an object used by players to throw dice fairly. The dice fall from the top of the tower and bounce off various platforms inside, until they reappear in front. The purpose of the tower is to eliminate some forms of cheating used when throwing dice by hand. There are many forms of towers differing in assembly and construction”.

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Daimyo jostling


In the history of Japan there was a period known as Sengoku. Started with a coup d’etat of the Meiō era, when Masamoto Hosokawa exiles Ashikaga clan’s tenth shogun from the capital. A time, when local rulers – the daimyō – incessantly fought for power and influence. Only after a hundred years, when Hideyoshi Toyotomi subordinates the Hōjō clan and unites all the provinces, the fighting for domination comes to an end. Today we will assume the roles of samurai, participants in this hundred-year struggle, in a quick card game – Zipang Portable.

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You were In the Sector 5 lobby when it happened. The lights flickered for a moment before they went down entirely. When the red emergency lighting turned on you heard the first screams. A crowd of panicked voices in your headsets was drowned out by the announcement: “Red alert! All UAC personnel, code red safety violation in the dimensional gate research facility..”

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