Grinding Cthulhu

Arkham Horror, one of my favorite coop games. Where narrowness and claustrophobic feeling are crushing you, and multitude of things you and your fellow investigators need to do will put your group through the hoops. Today I want to introduce you to my idea on how to add some continuity to the game, at same time this is my first article in new segment of my blog: “House rules”, where I will be showing you my own or found in vast depths of the internet interesting, unofficial rules for board games.

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You were In the Sector 5 lobby when it happened. The lights flickered for a moment before they went down entirely. When the red emergency lighting turned on you heard the first screams. A crowd of panicked voices in your headsets was drowned out by the announcement: “Red alert! All UAC personnel, code red safety violation in the dimensional gate research facility..”

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Cybernoir onion


On that hot night we burned ICE, from the window in the distance one could see a constantly working Beanstalk. Outside, a myriad neon lights that never slept attracting hundreds of moths, but in Raymond’s room only the monitor screen emanated with bleak light – except for the LEDs on the casing of Cyberdeck. It looked fairly ordinary, a standard Haas CS-7, but I’ve modified it so many times, you couldn’t find a trace of the original circuits in it. From time to time we’d manage to peel another layer of the conspiracy onion…

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