Kunai in the eye

Do you sometimes have this strange feeling, that maybe something is not exactly how it should be, when you can find kunai in your back, and shurikens are flying around your head? Yeah, neither do I, and that’s probably why every average ninja manages to surprise me – today I want to show you Tiny Ninjas

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Train insertion sort

Day by day the weather improves, encouraging us to hit the road. Because it is always good idea to have a board game by your side, today I will give you my suggestion about what game to place in your backpack – Game of Trains.

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Daimyo jostling


In the history of Japan there was a period known as Sengoku. Started with a coup d’etat of the Meiō era, when Masamoto Hosokawa exiles Ashikaga clan’s tenth shogun from the capital. A time, when local rulers – the daimyō – incessantly fought for power and influence. Only after a hundred years, when Hideyoshi Toyotomi subordinates the Hōjō clan and unites all the provinces, the fighting for domination comes to an end. Today we will assume the roles of samurai, participants in this hundred-year struggle, in a quick card game – Zipang Portable.

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