Army of dice

Classic games like chess are timeless. It is not that common for me to come across a board game that makes an impression similar to those classics, but this time I found the title perfectly fitting the elegance of its design within this type of games. A dice game without any random factor – DiceWar: Light of Dragons

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Tabletop MOBA

Do you love League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm or DOTA2? Or maybe you are a fan of some other MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, and wonder if there is someone who tried to bring this game genre to boardgaming?

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You were In the Sector 5 lobby when it happened. The lights flickered for a moment before they went down entirely. When the red emergency lighting turned on you heard the first screams. A crowd of panicked voices in your headsets was drowned out by the announcement: “Red alert! All UAC personnel, code red safety violation in the dimensional gate research facility..”

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